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Services offered

Translation, interpreting, proofreading, subtitling,

and much more

Services offered

Translation is often an umbrella term used to indicate a varied set of services that language professionals offer.


Scroll down to see the main ones I provide and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have a more specific project and would like a more tailored approach.




Translation is the transfer of a written text from a source to a target language.


I work with a varied range of texts: literary texts, websites, slides and presentations, posters, leaflets, instruction manuals, and journal and news articles are some examples of a long list.


At the beginning of my career, I also collaborated with Italian online newspaper L’Indro translating their news articles from English, French, and Spanish. Some of my work is still available on their website at the time of writing and I will be happy to provide links if you are interested.


I am currently also employed by a company that produces and repairs dental equipment and I combine customer service with translation duties for their catalogues and instruction manuals for the Italian market.

Interpreting is a different kind of translation which requires separate training and skills. If you want, it could be described as oral translation.


Simultaneous is probably the most famous interpreting style because it is featured in many movies, but if you think of other settings you will probably remember that you have seen interpreters quite often.

If you have a business meeting, are organizing a conference, or are attending a business show just to mention a few examples, and you know you will need an interpreter, please reach out to discuss the best option for your specific situation.




You will surely be familiar with subtitles and have probably enjoyed them with some of the most recent movies that have received prizes all over the world, but subtitles also make videos more accessible for people who are deaf or hard of hearing, or in situations when sound cannot be used.


Your promotional videos or your short documentaries would increase their reach if they had captions of the spoken script and subtitles in different languages.


Get in touch to discuss the options available for you.

There is nothing like a fresh pair of eyes to find the bits that need perfecting in a text. Proofreading is exactly that, an external revision service that makes your material stand out for all the good reasons.


If you would like to have your material proofread, just get in touch and we can discuss the options.

Why not get in touch to discuss the right service for you?